Real Life Loot Boxes

Real Life Loot Boxes

-Update January 8th, 2019-
Lots of info has come out about Mystery Brand potentially being a scam. Nothing is 100% certain but I would highly recommend vIRL over Mystery Brand. Skinhub shipping is also incredibly slow, my order has been processing for over a month. At this point I see no reason to use anything other than vIRL. I will keep the info about the other sites up for reference or incase you do want to try them for some reason.
-End of Update-

Real Life Loot Boxes(boxes/cases similar to traditional video game loot boxes but with items like clothing or electronics) have risen to popularity recently. Sites like Mystery Brand are all over YouTube and some skin based sites have implemented real items.

VGO and OPSkins have recently launched IRL loot boxes that make sure of the WAX blockchain and their Express Trade system. This system, called vIRL, is set to take over the scene so we will go over how it works and the pros and cons of vIRL vs other similar sites like Mystery Brand.

vIRL is a project that uses OPSkins and the WAX Blockchain. vIRL items are real life items tied to a digital counterpart. Meaning you can redeem your item at any time and have it shipped to you but you have all the ease of selling/trading it online as if it were a digital item. You can buy items directly from websites like OPSkins or take your chance with a vCase(mystery box).

VGO Keys(aka vKeys) cost $2.50 and cases vary in how many keys you need to open it based on the contents. They just launched the vIRL cases and have 5 different ones - Hypebeast, Electronics, Gamers, Budget, and Budget Hypebeast. The cost to open ranges from 1 key($2.50) to 12 keys($30). The items you can get range from $0.08 to over $24,000.

To open cases you need to buy keys from OPSkins(or get them via trading or some other way) and head to a vCase site. There are a lot of sites out there that support vCases but for popularity, stability, and features I would recommend PrimeUnbox

Once you have your items your free to do whatever you want with them. You can instant sell them on OPSkins for a slight price reduction or list them on the market for any price you want. That money can be used to buy other items, keys, or cash it out to a service like PayPal. You can trade your items to other people and probably trade bots in the future. Or you could gift the items to your friends or other users, maybe through a giveaway or contest. And of course you can have them shipped out to you which will effectively separate the physical and digital item.

Skinhub LogoSkinhub is an old CSGO case opening site that has added IRL items. They mainly have clothing, shoes, and electronics available. Unfortunately you can't put IRL items into custom cases but you can get them using the upgrade feature.

There have been people saying shipping takes a very long time but I can't personally confirm or deny that.

Do you think IRL Loot Boxes have a place or are they just trying to capitalize on the hype? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!