Most Expensive DOTA2 Items

List of the Most Expensive DOTA2 Items

DOTA2 items can be anywhere from a few cents to thousands of dollars. We have put together a list of some of the items that range from expensive to outrageous. There are tons of expensive items that won't be covered because the focus will be on either crazy expensive items or items that have a history or story to them. All prices are rough estimates due to the fact that some items fluctuate a lot while others are not sold enough to have a steady price.




Arcanas are one of the go to items for people looking to easily trade or buy/sell items in DOTA 2. They are pretty common but seeing as the main way to get them is by buying them from Valve directly for $35 it makes the prices relatively stable. The cheapest arcana(Not including gems or voice packs) is the Techies one which is currently around $20. The reason some arcanas sell for more than the base $35 price is because when they are first released they come in a special quality called "Exalted" that are only available for a limited time. So some arcanas, especially unopened bundles, can be worth quite a bit more in the exalted quality as a collectors item. The CM bundle has reached $110 on the Steam market and the Zeus bundle and Terrorblade arcana have both gotten to above $70.

Rotten Stache

Pudge is one of the most well known DOTA 2 heroes and most players either love or hate him. So it's a no brainer that a Pudge item that was only available back in 2012 and was rare even back then is worth this much. This was a legendary item from the treasure Frosty Treasure of Frostivus and keep in mind that this is back when DOTA 2 had keys. While not as famous as Pudge's Dragonclaw Hook(we will get to that later on) the Rotten Stache is a popular item on a popular hero which is why the price rose up to $175.

Golden Frondillo

Almond the Frondillo was a special pet given out with the TI5 compendium. You could achieve the red upgrade by leveling up your compendium but the golden one was a ultra rare drop from the Immortal Treasure III 2015. The upgraded courier goes for around $250 but the upgrade item on it's own can go for $500.

Eternal Machine Head

The only way to obtain this item was from the Steam Summer Sale 2014 Reward, Level 5 which you got from crafting a Steam Summer Adventure badge. It is estimated that only around 100 of these exist. You would think the small number of them would make them much more expensive but Clockwerk isn't an overly popular hero and the item itself doesn't look all that good. This item is more rare than expensive and even rarer is the unopened Reward Level 5 which can cost a bit more.

Golden Trove Carafe

Golden trove carafes were special treasures released around every International. There is one for TI4 TI5 TI6 and TI7 but they have not released one for TI8. They contain some of the same items in the normal trove treasure but with a golden reskin. The golden Krobeling from TI6 is the cheapest at around $10. The TI5 items tend to be the most expensive with the Rubick and OD items both costing more than $500. The TI6 treasure has a special rare drop for Drow Ranger which can cost $450+ and the TI7 has a special drop for Anti Mage that costs $350+.

Crimson Witness Treasure

Similar to the golden trove carafes the crimson witness items come out during TI and are colored reskins of items released earlier. The way to obtain a treasure was to attend TI and link your TI badge to your Steam account and witness a first blood live. There was one for TI6 and TI7 and TI8 just recently happened. The prices for the TI8 items might not be stable yet so excluding those the cheapest crimson witness item is the Dazzle item from TI6 at around $50 whereas the most expensive would be the Spectre item from TI7 which can sell for $500+.

Battle Pass Items

With the introduction of battle passes came multiple new treasures with each one. And the treasures all had a small chance to drop either an ultra rare or extremely rare set. In general the newer items are not as expensive as the older ones but there are exceptions on both sides. One of the cheapest ultra rares from a battle pass treasure is the Golden Devourling from the Winter 2016 Treasure I. But from Winter Treasure II of the same year comes Fantoccini's Dilemma which can go for over $500. The other most expensive sets would be Bladeform Aesthete and Dark Artistry both at around $330 and the Darkclaw Emissary which can go for at least $500-$600. There are lots of sets and items with all sorts of prices. The most common price point would probably be around $60 but there are plenty of sets in the hundreds.

Lava/Ice Roshan

$600 and $800

Lava Ice Roshan

You can get both of these couriers in two ways. The first is to buy a Roshan Statue and you get a corresponding code to activate and claim your item. The other is opening the item Roshan's Gift. You can only get Roshan's Gift by  getting a playoff position in the Perfect World Tournament. The lava Roshan goes for around $600 while the Ice one goes for around $800.

Dragonclaw Hook

The Dragonclaw Hook is one of the most famous DOTA 2 cosmetics. Released back in 2012 in the Sithil's Summer Stash the Dragonclaw Hook has been a long time staple in DOTA 2 trading. For a while it was considered one of the "end game" items in trading due to it's high price. Now there are lots of rarer and more expensive items but the DC Hook retains it's prestige and due due it's limited quantity the price has only been going up.


Tsukumo the Moon Cloud is a mount for Mirana which could only be obtained as an extra when buying a physical Mirana statue. When it was first released buyers found out it looked nothing like what it was advertised as. After some time they released a second style for the mount that is much closer to the advertised one and also the one they were originally going to release. Between the fact that you could only get this with a $400 statue and the fact that it is a silly and well known item for a popular hero the price has been slowly rising over time and is currently sitting around $1,000.

Alpine Ursa

The Alpine Stalker's Set is probably the most famous item set in DOTA 2. Released in 2012 it was pulled from the store after only be up for a week due to the community issuing complaints about it not matching the hero's aesthetics. The items from this set were the first items in DOTA 2 to get the Immortal rarity. Due to the rareness of the items the prices tend to fluctuate a bit but general prices for the four pieces of the set would be  Hat-$600 Scarf-$300 Pants-$150 and Gloves-$75

WETA Items


WETA Items

WETA Workshop has made four different replicas of DOTA 2 items that all come with a code to receive an in-game item. The statues were expensive and there wasn't very many made which makes their in-game items rare and valuable. The Guard of the Red Mist goes for around $500 and was from the Vanguard replica. The Demon Shard is also around $500 and was from the Demon Edge Sword. The Monarch Bow can go for $1,500 and was from the Butterfly replica. And the last item is the Axe of Phractos from the Axe Statue which can go for roughly $1,600. Due to the very limited number of these items and the small amount of sales the prices are not very stable and can change quite a bit. A lot of traders consider these items to be their end goal due to their high price and scarcity.

Golden Rubick

The Golden Ornithomancer Mantle was originally an extremely rare drop from the Fall 2015 Coin treasure that could not be traded or sold on the market. They later added it to the trust of the Benefactor 2016 treasure with a limit of 200. It has also been added to the Rarities of the Benefactor 2017 and 2018 with 200 more in each. Being a extremely limited golden item for one of the most popular heroes in the game the price has risen to around $1,700 but due to the lack of sales it is hard to put an exact price.

Event Baby Roshans


Baby Roshan

There are a number of DOTA events that have given away special Baby Roshans away as prizes. The first was the Golden Roshan which was given to players during Diretide 2012 to the players who set the record for killing Roshan the fastest. At one point these cost over $10,000 but due to some problems with duping the price has gone down to roughly around $1,700. There is the Platinum Baby Roshan that came out with Diretide 2013, the Dark Moon Baby Roshan during the Dark Moon event, the Desert Sand Baby Roshan from Siltbreaker, and the Jade Baby Roshan from Cavern Crawl. They are hard to price due to how few there are and the small number of sales but all of them pretty much fall between $1,000 and $2,000.

Gold BZZ Pugna

The Golden Nether Lord's Regalia Set is tied for the rarest item in DOTA 2 with the Golden Wings of the Manticore. Both items are limited to 25 each and came as an ultra rare drop in the benefactors treasures(Nether Lord in 2016 and Manticore in 2017). Due to the extremely limited quantity it is very hard to put a price on but in this recent Reddit thread the user says he has many offers of at least $7-8k and some even higher. The Manticore isn't as popular but it is still extremely rare and I wasn't able to find any prices for it. If I had to guess maybe about 70% of what the Nether Lord set is worth.

Legacy Couriers

Early on in the game when you unboxed an unusual courier it would be assigned a random RGB color. The feature was later changed to a random preset color making the earlier couriers called Legacy and very rare, not to mention the colors were pretty much one of a kind. In 2013 the most expensive DOTA 2 item was sold, a Ethereal Flame Pink War Dog courier for  $38,000. The price was a combination of the color of the legacy gem, the courier it was on, and the effect it got. Not long after the purchase Valve put out a patch that changed the way Unusual couriers work, now you can unsocket the gems on a courier that contain it's color and effect. This made the crazy rare combination that was worth $38k considerably less. It still had a unique  color due to the legacy color but the effect and courier combination could now be easily recreated. After the patch people estimated the price to be around $4k. Nowadays not too many people care about Legacy Couriers or Gems and they aren't sold too often. They can be anywhere from $50 to $1,000 on average but if you have the perfect color and find the right buyer who knows how much you could get.