Free VGO Skins

Free VGO Skins in 2019

Lots of people want to get started with VGO but don't have the money to do so. Today we will go over multiple different ways for you to get free VGO skins quick and easy. First we will cover more general options and then go into some specific options.

Referral Codes

You Can Earn

Lots of websites provide users with a bonus as incentive to get them to signup. We have put together a list you can use to easily find which websites give bonuses and how much. Some may require you to make a deposit in order to withdraw but you can use other free skins in order to do so. Of course you can also give your referral code to other users and earn some free skins that way.

Daily Free

These can be more troublesome than referral codes but can still get you some money. I would recommend one of two choices - try to get as many free dailies as you can even if they are only $0.01 or try to raise your daily on a few sites and stick to those. You may think it would be best to get all the dailies you can but most websites have some requirements like having their url in your Steam name or making a deposit first. Some of the ones I find to be the best though are WTFSkins, CSGOLive, Gamdom, CSGOEmpire, and Hellcase.

Watch Videos/Do Surveys/Etc.

There are places out there that will pay you to do things like watch videos or do surveys. Some of the websites that act as an in-between for the user and those places offer VGO skins as a withdraw option. You don't get much for watching videos but you can usually just leave them running in the background if you want. Surveys are really hit or miss. I would be careful what information you give out and maybe make a specific email for it.

A few great video/survey sites are...

Game On Joe

Game On Joe is a free, casual gambling website. You cannot deposit but get free coins whenever you run out. They currently have 7 different games to play. Because all the coins are free it is expensive to withdraw things but if you just play for fun you can eventually get enough to withdraw some things. They also offer coins by doing offers like the sites above.

Use code Digixd for 2,000 free Joe Coins to get started with!


Giveaways are a way for websites and content creators to interact with with users/fans. While you have a low chance of winning any particular giveaway the sheer number of them going on makes it a lot more possible. The easiest way would be to follow a few popular VGO websites, Youtubers, streamers, etc and then just use Twitter's "who to follow" to find more. Follow anyone who does giveaways and enter them. Make sure you follow all the rules when joining or you might get disqualified. Another option is to watch streamers as they will often do live giveaways. A live giveaway only allows for people actively watching to enter so you have a much better chance. Some people also do special giveaways for subs or patrons which you would have a higher chance on winning.

Search Twitter for #VGOGiveaway

VGO Giveaways

Be Active in the Community

Lots of websites and even VGO itself will reward users who actively participate in community events. For instance VGO is giving away a special sticker for free if you open a VGO case on Thanksgiving. Using VGO's sticker mega thread on Reddit can also earn you a special sticker for free. Lots of websites will have special events and giveaways for holidays.

Make VGO Skins

Similar to Steam, VGO allows users to create and submit designs. If your submission is accepted you can earn a good amount of money. While you don't directly get VGO skins you could easily buy them with your reward money. Here are are few places to look at to get started

WAX On Stream

If you have a Twitch or Youtube stream, no matter the size, you can get some free skins with WAX On Stream. You have to add a few things to your account and when you stream tweet #WAXonStream to @WAX_io and @OPSkinsGO. They give away thousands of dollars every week in the form of keys, skins, stickers you can insta-sell, and more.

Click here for the full details.

Create Custom Cases

Some case opening sites allow you to make custom cases. When others open the cases you make you get a percent of the cost of the case. CSGOLive(use code Digixid for $0.40 free) is the best site for making cases on in my opinion. Some other great sites to use are EZY and Skinhub.

You have to get people to actually open your cases though. Farm cases(cheap cases that usually get your money back as a way to level up) are popular so if you make an optimized one people may use it. Some streamers/Youtubers will go on and open cases with their names on them. CSGOLive has a bidding area where you can actually buy an area to advertise your case. With all the cases out there you need to make sure you are doing something special with yours or no one will open it.

CSGOFast Faucet and Guess Color

CSGOFast has a few ways to get free coins but we will be looking at the faucet and guess color features. Instead of a normal daily free CSGOFast has a faucet system that allows you to get coins every 15 minutes. They also have a feature for their double and x50 game where if you guess the color right 10 times in a row you get $1.00. So you can claim your coins every 15 mins and set it to auto bet for blue on 50x and hope to get lucky. You can cash your coins out for some free VGO skins.

CSGOFast Guess Color

Do you know of any other ways to get free VGO skins that we missed? Let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter.