Free CSGO Skins 2019

Free CSGO Skins in 2019

Not everyone has money to spend on CSGO skins, luckily there are a few ways to get some for free in 2019. Some are time consuming while others require luck but take a look at the list and give some a try!

Referral Codes

You Can Earn

Websites often provide users with a signup bonus as an incentive. Lots of these websites don't allow CSGO withdraws but you can usually withdraw cryptocurrency to your BitSkins account and buy the skins there. Otherwise you can withdraw DOTA2/VGO skins and either trade or sell them.

Daily Free

Similar to the affiliate codes, daily free is a way for websites to get users to keep coming back. While they don't give a ton if you use lots of sites it can start to add up. You could also try to raise your daily reward on a single website to a high amount but you usually have to spend a lot of money on the site to raise your level. Some of the ones I find to be the best though are WTFSkins, CSGOLive, Gamdom, CSGOEmpire, and Hellcase.

Watch Videos/Do Surveys/Etc.

There are places out there that will pay you to do things like watch videos or do surveys. Instead of paying out money these websites will send you CSGO skins! You may only get a few cents for watching a video but you can leave it open in a tab all day while you do other things. The surveys usually pay pretty well but you have to be careful what information you are giving out and to who. Some also have other methods like idling on a server or running a cryptocurrency miner.

A few great video/survey sites are...


Giveaways are all down to luck. You have to decide if you want to spend the time joining every giveaway you see for a tiny chance of winning or if you would rather do something like survey sites. For better chances you could look into live giveaways that only lets people actively watching a stream enter. Some people also do special giveaways for subs or patrons which you would have a higher chance on winning.

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VGO Giveaways

Play/Watch the Game

You can get some free skins just by playing or watching CSGO. You get cases and skins from random drops after matches. They are not usually worth much but can add up over time. One thing to keep an eye out for is new weapon crates as they usually sell for a lot the first few weeks they are released. If you have bought anything on CSGO you can also get Steam trading cards for CSGO which you can sell.

Certain tournaments will drop souvenir packages for watching if you link your Steam account to Twitch.

Loot Bear

If you already have some CSGO skins you can list them on LootBear for other players to rent. You will earn money every time a user rents your skin and LootBear has security measures to ensure your items are safe.

What's your favorite way to get free CSGO skins? Let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter.