DatDrop Promo Code and Review

Use code Digixid or click the link below for a 5% deposit bonus.

+5% Deposit Bonus

Review - Pros and Cons

The best case battle site

Lots of cases for all price points

Lots of giveaways and other free stuff

Unique withdrawal system that works with CSGO

No custom cases

Not all cases show odds

Dat Drop Case Battles

Free Skins and Promo Code

The first neat thing DatDrop does is not limit it's promo codes to one time uses. Every time you deposit onto the site you can use code Digixid for an extra 5%. They have hourly, daily, and weekly giveaways on the site but you can only enter if you have recently deposited. Some people may not like the deposit requirement but it also means that if you do enter you have a much higher chance to win. DatDrop has daily cases you can open for free too but you have to have deposited recently for these too. When you deposit money your daily case level goes up a certain amount and each day it decreases. As long as you keep your case level above 0 you will be able to open a case.

Dat Drop Giveaway

Available Game Modes

DatDrop is a case opening site and doesn't try to branch to far from that main point. In saying that they do have a lot more to offer than just basic case opening. To start with they have multi case opening allowing for up to 4 cases to be opened at a time. While they don't allow custom cases they have a wide selection of premade cases and have even recreated Valve's cases. The main draw to the site is the case battles mode. You can create a battle between 2 to 4 people with any number of cases. It can be 10 of the same cases or 20 different cases it doesn't matter! At the end of all the openings the person whos items were worth the most takes all the items. DatDrop has nice animations and sounds to go with the openings and a fun emote system to use. Outside of cases they have a rather basic upgrade feature but it does what it needs to and is well designed.

Deposit and Withdraw Options

You have two options for deposits - G2A and SkinPay. While SkinPay can come in handy I always found their prices iffy so double check them before you use it. Withdrawing from DatDrop is where it gets interesting. You can only withdraw Ethereum but with BitSkin's ability to make a permanent ETH deposit address you can deposit your money to there and then buy any CSGO or other skins you want. So while you can't directly withdraw the skins you win from DatDrop you can get their same value onto a CSGO marketplace and buy that same skin or a different one if you prefer.

Dat Drop Deposit

Is It Safe and Legit?

As long as you make sure you are on the right site and know what you are doing(in regards to things like SkinPay) you should have no problems with DatDrop. They have been around for a while now and are supported by quite a few big YouTubers. I could not find any legitimate posts online about DatDrop scamming users and as far as I know they haven't been involved in any major controversies.

In Closing

DatDrop is a site you will most likely want to deposit a decent amount of money onto at once rather than small amounts here and there. Things like the giveaways and daily cases are better when quickly scaled up and then let decline rather than maintained at a low level. The withdrawal system is very nice but due to having to convert it to ETH it doesn't allow you to easily withdraw skins and then get them back onto the site.