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4.5 / 5

Last Updated Dec 18, 2019

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 8 different game modes

 Cool features like roulette mega round

 Monthly competition with prizes

 Well stocked shop


 Some games have poor payouts

Review and Promo Code 2019

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Free Skins and Promo Code

If you sign up with a promo code CSGOatse will give you $1.00 to get started with. In addition to that you have access to the atse flip. It is a daily free where the amount you get is determined by your level and the percent chance you will win it.

CSGOatse atse flip

Special Features

CSGOatse has two special things going for it. First off is the roulette mega round. The mega round is a rare, random event that happens to the roulette game that increases the winnings. During a mega round special music will play, red and black will change to silver and bronze, and green will change to gold. Silver and bronze pay 5x instead of the usual 2x and gold pays 50x instead of 14x!

The other feature is the monthly leaderboard "Coinhell". Every month the top 61 bettors will win prizes with the top prizes being really good. They say it is $120,000+ each month.

CSGOatse Coinhell

Available Game Modes

CSGOatse has a good choice of games with some more rare ones like mines and blackjack. Make sure you check the payout when you play though because a few games like Tiban Dice have really low payouts. On Tiban Dice you can chose 1-3 or 4-6 which is a 50% but the payout is only 1.8x. The coinflip game which you play versus another player with a 50% chance they take a 7% cut!

Deposit and Withdraw Options

For depositing you can use either Steam skins, VGO skins, Bitcoin, or Litecoin. It is the same for withdraws but CSGO skins are not supported. For both depositing and withdrawing item prices are very high. A $2.50 VGO key for example is worth 3,997 coins.

Is It Safe and Legit?

CSGOatse is a site that has been around for a while. There are very few posts about users being scammed and almost none with any sort of proof. They have never had any major drama/scandals and have remained consistent over time.

In Closing

All in all CSGOatse is a good website with lots of gamemodes, everything works as it should, and they have been adding new features and games over time. As long as you check the odds for the games and make sure to stick to the betters ones you should have a good time.